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Understanding Retaliatory Evictions and the Law in the UK

A retaliation eviction, also known as a revenge eviction, occurs when a landlord serves an eviction notice on a tenant because the tenant exercised a legal right, such making a formal complaint regarding needed housing disrepairs. It is an illegal form of retaliation meant to punish the tenant for asserting their rights.


Why Disrepair Claims Are Rising

The UK is currently facing a housing disrepair crisis at a significant level, under complicated circumstances, affecting a wide range of situations with cases occurring everywhere from urban sprawls to remote areas.

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The Complete Guide to Housing Disrepair

The escalating situation of housing disrepair, a problem that could involve a vast variety of issues like the crumbling structure of a house, dampness, mould growth due to poor heating, electrical faults or even pest infestations, is touching the lives of many UK tenants, including those in Wales.

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How to Write to Your Council About Housing Issues

Dealing with housing disrepair, overcrowding, or mortgage problems can be notably stressful, especially when considering the impact of circumstances like homelessness or rent arrears for a reason like income loss.

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Taking Legal Action Against Your Landlord for Housing Disrepair

Living in poor housing conditions can significantly touch upon and impact your health, wellbeing, and quality of life, akin to drinking contaminated water. As a tenant, known by your own name, you have legal rights to ensure your rented accommodation is kept in good repair by your landlord, as outlined in your lease contract.


An In-Depth Guide to No Win No Fee Housing Solicitors

In Liverpool, England, a well-known hub for housing and claims management companies, seeking legal help for housing disrepair issues can be particularly daunting, especially when funds are scarce. For example, council homes may have health problems such as broken wiring, faulty pipes and overall disrepair that affects the well-being of the family living there.

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Understanding Tenant Rights in the UK

As an adult tenant, one of the many adults whose occupation entails residing in a rented dwelling in the UK, you have certain legal rights and obligations when it comes to managing repairs, maintenance, and exterior upkeep.

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Navigating Tenancy Deposit Claims for Housing Disrepair

As a tenant renting property in England or Wales, UK, you have certain legal rights when it comes to rental conditions. Landlords have obligations under the assured shorthold tenancy agreements to maintain their properties to provide renters a habitable living environment free from the issues making a home unsuitable or unsafe.