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Withholding Rent for Repairs: Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Tenant

As a tenant, be it in London or elsewhere, having essential repairs completed in your rental property is vital for your health, safety, and well-being and also to maintain the accommodation in a good condition. In certain cases, you might be under a housing association. However, getting landlords or your housing association to fulfil their legal duties can sometimes be an uphill battle. To tackle this situation, it’s important to get a copy of your rental agreement and consult with an agent or a guide who is knowledgeable about tenant-landlord rights and responsibilities, thereby minimizing any potential for injury, literal or legal, due to negligence.

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How Long Do Landlords Have to Fix Problems in the UK?

When you sign a tenancy agreement to rent a property, be it a traditional brickwork townhouse, a modern flat, or even a sprawling real estate estate in an upscale area of Manchester or elsewhere, your landlord, or their appointed agent, bears the legal responsibility to keep the property in good repair, certified by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.